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About the Course

Concept Validation

It's never too early to test! Reduce cost and risk by learning how your intended experience is received by real users.

We get real users to validate the experience of a new product, feature or service, by making your concept ideas tangible so they can be tested to produce quick insights to help inform decision-making.

Without spending the time or resources on a lengthy and often costly process of traditional product validation, you get concrete knowledge of how your intended experience lives up to your users' expectations.

Testing non-existing experiences in the fuzzy front end is dependent on a number of factors. That is why our service is always tailored to the client and the specific project.

If needed, we assist in mapping out the key assumptions regarding the experience before planning and executing the most suitable tests.

Anything from a small step in the user journey to the full-fledged experience of a future product can be tested. We have a vast toolbox for enacting the circumstances and situations that stage the experience in a testable scenario. This way, you get fast and reliable feedback on your intended experiences before they are even materialized in a product.

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