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Will users love your next product? 

We deliver concrete insights on how real users experience your product, so you can make informed decisions and launch a product that wins their hearts.

Product V

Great UX doesn't happen by chance.
Validate your product's intended experiences with real users.

We follow up on, test and validate the intended experiences

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We test your product with real users


Product Validation

We conduct high quality experience and user testing with your product. You get valuable insights on the experience of your product in the hands of real users. 

Concept v

Don't make expensive mistakes before testing your assumptions in the real world.

Get insights earlier 

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We test experiences before they become products


Concept Validation

Avoiding costly mistakes by testing key assumptions as early as possible. We help you turn ideas tangible, taking you from napkin sketches to your first real user test.


Upgrade your R&D team with the processes, knowledge and tools to validate your products

Courses in
Experience Validation



Enhance your product validation abilities by joining our course and learning how to effectively gather insights from user experiences

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Morten Dahl Mølgaard

Why you should work with us

We have solid experience with validation of physical products for clients and internal teams. So we know how to get your product into the hands of customers in the real world, the right way. Validation with real customers is difficult, but necessary to achieve a successful product launch, but we are here to help you along the way. Our work has helped clients with: 


  • Saving hours of development of the wrong features 

  • Correcting products that confused the users 

  • Challenging the market leader with products that resonated better 

And if you are not fully convinced that your customers will absolutely love your next product, reach out


Simon Arendal Jørgensen

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